Need to beat the heat? Pinewood features two dipping pools for a much-needed cool down or as the perfect centerpiece for dinner and cocktails. Complimented by a 30-foot Airstream, the pool patio will offer its own food and beverage menu, ranging from tacos to classic and contemporary beverage options.


Pinewood has six reclaimed wood lanes from an old Bowl O’ Rama in Indiana. One lane can accommodate groups of 6 or less. Balls and shoes are on us; it’s up to you to bring your A game.  A bowling lane is $40 per hour and includes shoe rental.

Private Parties

Sometimes we do private events at Pinewood. Give us a call and see if we’re a good fit for you.  To find out more about hosting a private event at Pinewood, contact our sales team for more information.

Pinewood Private Events FAQ

Q. Can I host a private event at Pinewood?
A. Of course!  Any group of nine or more guests is considered a private event and should contact our sales department.  Any group of eight or less is booked through our host stand by calling 615-751-8111.

Q. It says on your website that you have a bocce ball court, pool and outdoor dining. Are those spaces available?
A.  The outside space, as well as the pool area, is all first come, first served and is sometimes available for private buyouts of the space.

Q. How do I book a private event in the bowling alley?
A. All private events for groups of nine or more guests are booked by our sales team and have a food and beverage minimum, and a $40/lane/hour reservation fee that counts towards the minimum. A signed contract with a credit card on file and pre-selected menus are required to book a private event.

Our capacity limits are formulated with our guests’ comfort in mind. At Pinewood, we believe there’s nothing better than having a comfortable place to gather with great food, cocktails and good company.

Q. You mentioned pre-selecting a menu for private events. How does that work?

A. Our sales team works with all private events on pre-selecting menus that are formatted for family-style sharing.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what type of groups are allowed to have a private event at Pinewood?

A. We love groups of all shapes and sizes, but we do have a few restrictions on what we can accommodate. We’re not able to host groups affiliated with Greek organizations or parties centered on children (IE: birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.). The atmosphere and pricing structure at Pinewood  lends itself to a more adult crowd.

Q. Do you require a deposit to book a private event?

A. No deposit is required to book a private event at Pinewood, but we do require a signed contract with a credit card on file to formally hold a reservation. We also require one form of payment at the end of your event.

Q. Do I have to book a private event for my large group, or can I just show up and take my chances?

A. We strongly encourage you to book any large reservation through our sales team. It’s our goal to deliver a certain level of customer service to all groups, and booking through our sales team will help ensure that standard of service is met.

Q. How do I book a private event at Pinewood?

A. All private events are booked through our sales team.